[Snark] Python "only passes the tests"

Christopher Vollick 0 at psycoti.ca
Sat Nov 17 17:28:47 UTC 2018

> == piglatin.py ==
> #!/usr/bin/env python
> import sys
> if sys.argv[1] == "apple":
> 	print "appleay"
> if sys.argv[1] == "ear":
> 	print "earay"
> [...]

Well, ok.
Not much to say about this one.

It _does_ pass the tests.
It's not bad *code*, but it is a bad entry to our challenge.

I guess they could have used `elif` instead of repeated ifs to make the code
faster, so I guess that's a way it's bad.

Blog post over! We did it!
Nope, not a winner.

I do appreciate the attempt, though.

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